Private School issue TC without Condition Madras High Court

 Madras High Court - Private Schools issue TC without condition



 In a recent ruling, the Madras High Court ordered private schools to provide transfer certificates (TCs) within a week of receiving petitions from students who wish to switch schools.

The transferor school should receive a written request from the student or parent who want to continue their education.
The TC will be issued within a week of the application being filed by the transferring school. 

As Justice N Anand Venkatesh observed, "there should be no cause to refuse a transfer certificate to a student if there are any disagreements between the student/parent and institution involved, including disagreements about costs."

United District Self Financing Schools Organization had petitioned for a writ of mandamus to prevent schools from admitting students into any class without prior approval of petitioner association members where the students had previously studied. 

Any school that refuses to give TC would be subject to instant punishment by the Chief Educational Officer (CEO) responsible for enforcing this order, the judge stated.
 It shall be ensured the TC is issued to the student.   

Any infringement brought to our attention would automatically result in contempt proceedings being initiated against that school, the judge warned, and he instructed that all schools be sent a circular on this subject within two weeks.

Once normalcy returns, the appropriate enactments and rules will take care of the transfer of children from one school to another, according to a press release published by the Department of Education.  Another judge said